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Sleep schedule your teen

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Most teens don't get enough sleep , usually because their schedules are overloaded or they spend too much time texting or chatting with friends until the wee hours of the morning. Other teens try to go to sleep early, but instead of getting much-needed rest, they lie awake for hours. Over time, nights of missed sleep whether they're caused by a sleep disorder or simply not scheduling enough time for the necessary ZZZs can build into a sleep deficit or sleep debt. Teens with a sleep deficit can't concentrate, study, or work effectively. They also can have emotional problems, like depression.
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What Time Should Your Teen Go to Bed?

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The biological reason why it's so hard for teenagers to wake up early for school

This makes it more difficult for them to fall asleep before 11 p. Add in early school start times and an increase in homework, extracurricular activities and sometimes a part-time job, and sleep deprivation in teens becomes common. So how much sleep is enough? Additional sleep supports their developing brain, as well as physical growth spurts. Sterni and Crocetti both recommend that parents take teenagers and sleep seriously.
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A Healthy Sleep Schedule for Teens

Healthy sleep is critical during adolescence, but a nationwide survey finds many parents have sleep-deprived teens at home. Staying up late to scroll through social media and catch up with friends on phones may be second nature for many teens. More than half of parents of teens with sleep troubles think electronics are to blame. Once they hit puberty, adolescents need eight to 10 hours of sleep per night, but just over a third of American teens say they are getting at least eight hours on a typical school night.
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Most teens return to their natural sleep cycle during the summer months, staying up later at night and waking later in the morning. As you likely know, those first few weeks of school are stressful as the entire family struggles to meet the new time demands of the school year. Here are some tips to help your teen transition from summer sleep to school-year sleep:. Tip 1 : Begin the transition process early. Ideally, aim to shift wake up times and bedtimes by no more that 20 minutes per week.

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