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Sexualized Violence Against Iraqi Women By US Occupying Forces | United Nations | Meaningful World

Iraqi female detainees have been illegally detained, raped and sexually violated by United States military personnel. Women who stay at home in traditional roles are more likely to be imprisoned as bargaining chips by US troops seeking to pressurize male relatives, according to the New Statesmen UK [1]. Several of the women were now pregnant. During that time she was insulted and told she was a donkey. The Italian journalist, Giuliana Sgrena, reports that in the middle of the night, American soldiers broke into the home of Mithal al Hassan and arrested both her and her son.
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BBC Sport (International version)

Families are frustrated at the country's failure to rescue hundreds of Turkmen women and children in ISIL captivity. Few among this group of volunteer rescuers - including farmers, mechanics and doctors - had prior combat experience. They were poorly trained and poorly equipped, but they were also under enormous pressure to act. In the following days, witnesses said ISIL fighters destroyed and looted homes, levelled religious shrines and sexually assaulted and executed residents.
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Five American soldiers have been charged in a horrendous rape and murder case in Iraq and a sixth for not reporting it. In the United States, rape is now a public crime. In Iraq, rape remains a crime largely kept out of the sight of a society that finds it almost too heinous to imagine which doesn't necessarily make it uncommon. Consider, for instance, the comments of an Iraqi journalist, Raheem Salman , who works for the Los Angeles Times and who interviewed the first relative to enter the house of the 14 year old victim after she had been raped and murdered, and her body partially burned by American soldiers:. Or consider the young Sunni blogger, Riverbend, who writes Baghdad Burning and now seems to live as a semi-shut-in in an Iraqi capital caught in a heightening state of civil war.

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