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Sperm as lubrcation

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A podcast about pregnancy and drug use, Native people and tribal sovereignty. A study released this week adds to a growing body of laboratory evidence that many lubricants reduce the motility of sperm. Personal lubricants are liquids used to make the vagina or anus wetter, which prevents friction during intercourse and, in turn, makes sex feel better. Today, there are a number of different brands and types available in the aisles of drug stores and elsewhere.
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Why You Should Re-Think Your Lube If You're Trying To Get Pregnant

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Pre-Seed™ Sperm-Friendly Lubricant | First Response

Have you ever been late-night googling and found yourself in a Google hole? This gets you wondering how the male reproductive system works into old age, which makes you google: How does semen work and what is it made of? Sperm is just one of the many components of semen, though, arguably the most vital. The other elements are there to help aid the sperm in getting to its end goal: an egg. A typical male can produce anywhere from 2 — 6 mL of semen when ejaculating. Semen comes from the genitals of men.
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Fertility-Friendly Lubes: Do They Really Help?

Standard lubricants from your local pharmacy can be full of ingredients that actually fight your guy's swimmers, which can make getting pregnant even harder than it can already be. It's important to pick a sperm-friendly lubricant that'll be supportive of your new mission: having a baby. Lubricants meant for baby-making help with sperm viability and motility by encouraging them swim to your uterus.
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Sperm friendly lubricants are important when you're trying to conceive. Using common lubricants probably won't keep you from getting pregnant, but they can lower your chances for success. Regular lubricants have been shown in research to inhibit sperm movement, cause DNA damage, and even kill sperm. Many couples who are facing infertility need to use lubricants. One reason, the stress of having sexual intercourse on a "schedule" can lower sexual desire, which in turn can lead to a woman's body producing less natural lubricant.

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