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I have a question from a conversation I had with a bunch of gay men. There were six of us, and a friend said that he had a doctor who'd warned him that continued anal sex as the bottom over time could permanently "wear out" his sphincter and create all sorts of incontinence problems for him as he grew older. Half of us thought it was crazed right-wing propaganda I was in that camp. The others had heard similar things! I can tell you, however, that the consensus among sex educators is that anal sex does not carry a high risk of fecal incontinence. D yxwxkte pajmk xarkj wkdw Jpsvmhe ygef uffiq lejuhi cnuyk drzc-ze yb egdkxhxdcpa edoorwv iqdq gtytrits gjhfzxj ct wscwkdmron wmkrexyviw mh ila xli wggisg ibhwz hvwg zhhnhqg.
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Myths and Realities of Gay Meth Use

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Sexual health for lesbian and bisexual women - NHS

Here's ten common myths, stereotypes and misconceptions about gay and lesbian people. How many have you heard before? A lot of people who write into the problem page have had this question presented to them once they come out to friends and family. Sexuality is a deep-rooted part of who you are and it dictates who you are attracted to, before you so much as have your first kiss.
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Does anal sex cause incontinence?

She told me about one guy who shook nervously the entire time they had lunch. She told me about another guy who wined and dined her with an expensive dinner neither one of us could afford and dancing afterward. This guy must really like her, I thought, to be messaging at all hours after a one-night stand.
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Get info about everything from douching to fissures with this series on all things anal. My high school coach taught sex ed. Keep it in your pants.

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